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LACUNA kiteboarding pushes their kites to the limit when testing on and off the water.

When finding the right conditions they tests across multiple destinations with various wind conditions to make sure that their kites are designed not only with precision but perfection for all wind and water conditions.

Cape Town does offer some of the harshest conditions but LACUNA ventures to some of the destinations that are notorious for pushing kite durability.

Mauritius One Eye is described as a beautiful destination for wave riding. Many kitesurfers will tell you that when it gets going there the conditions can get rather hairy, especially when you drop your kite into the wave. 

Kites - Design Specification - All Kites


Canopy Material

Teijin Double Ripstop material was selected as the canopy material offering durability with great strength to weight characteristics. Teijin has a proven track record and is regarded as the gold standard in the kitesurfing industry.
Teijin has supplied material for many brands over the years.


Dacron Reinforcing Frame

Lacuna kites have a Dacron reinforcing frame. The selection of Dacron material found to be most effective in this regard. The reinforcing frame is pivotal in adding bomb-proof structural strength to the kite as a whole. Additionally, the reinforcing frame adds stabilization to the ride with the reduction of kite fluter. No fluter creates greater efficiency as the kite becomes smoother which translates to a smoother ride. Laminar flow with less turbulence across the surface.


Canopy To Dacron Frame Transition

Insignia tape is used as a chemically bonded and stitched transition layer between the Double Ripstop Canopy and the Dacron Reinforcing Frame.
For durability and longevity, a medium-density cloth between the Dacron and Ripstop is necessary to create a buffer between the two density materials.
Seen on the kites as a thin white strip between the black Dacron and orange Ripstop, it is imperative to ensure consistent manufacturing quality and a robust durable kite.


Wide Angle Wingtip Bridal Deflectors

Robust Wing p deflectors are mandatory to prevent kite lines snagging and wrapping around a wingtip during self-launching or relaunching the kite.
Thus preventing the kite from going into a continuous loop.


Loop through loop reinforced Bridal Connection.

Loop through loop reinforced bridal connection points are used. Although being a more expensive method it is the only method that ensures that the loop of a bridal does not come off the bridle connection point. This is an added safety feature. This system is stronger, more durable, lower profile, and cannot come undone. We use PVC labeled reinforced bridle connection points.


Ultra Flow Inflation System

Ultra Flow Infla on valve system affords a high volume low-pressure inflation, which translates to less energy and faster inflation. More me on the water and less me pumping up on the beach. As the sport of kite surfing has grown, we have seen children under the age of 10 and adults in their 70's on the water. A kite should not be difficult to pump up. We have maximized the flow rate to ensure Lacuna kites are the easiest to inflate on the market. The valve cap has a double o-ring seal in case the sand gets into the pressure valve seat. A neoprene inflation valve cover is also provided.


Dacron Reinforcing above Inflation Valve

Proper Dacron Reinforcing is placed above the valve inflation cap, this is to reduce damage to the canopy when kites are le in wind flapping on the beach. The sizing and model are also clearly marked on the top of the kite to ensure the kite size and model are easily identified when the kite is rolled/folded up to fit into a kite bag.


Large Diameter Strut Valves

A wider inner diameter and straight up and down strut inflation system. The wider inner diameter creates a higher volume flow of air as the kite is inflated, making kite inflation easier. Straight up and down strut valves are positioned parallel and close to the strut, minimizing turbulence making a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing kite. In tandem with the Ultra Flow inflation system, Lacuna Kites are some of the easiest to inflate.


Turning Speed VS Bar Pressure Setting

Many riders of different abilities ride in hugely varying conditions. The wingtip offers three ‘pigtail’ connection points enabling the rider to customize the bar pressure and turning speed depending on their preference.


Triple Stitched Leading Edge Design

Lacuna Kites are some of the most durable and hardiest kites available. With a triple stitched leading edge and Dacron reinforcing frame, the kites can be pounded at kite schools again and again without fail.

Our kite range includes 4 kite models. Ranging from 4sqm to 17sqm covering all conditions and rider capability. We wish to provide a durable high performing product installing confidence in the rider enabling the rider to enjoy their session and progress.


Below you can read about the difference between the Omega and the Alpha



The Omega is a smooth and predictable all-round freeride kite. Offering gentle pull in turns and loops - the Omega has excellent hang time for lofty and floaty jumps. With a 3 strut design and 4 bridles - this kite is easy turning with a great deal of depower which provides a massive wind range.

With great sheet in and go and gentle bar pressure - the Omega is aimed at all round free riding, jumping/ big air, wave riding and foil boarding. A great kite for entry level to intermediate twin tip, wave riding and foil boarding. The curved leading edge makes it super easy to relaunch which provides comfort and confidence to any rider. The all round Omega allows the rider to progress rapidly and try out wave riding, big air and foil boarding. Making it an excellent kite for the rider to develop their skills and and choose the direction they want to progress in with their riding. The Omega is excellent in light wind and our choice for foil boarding. 



The Alpha is your new advanced free ride, boosting and hang time machine. The Alpha offers huge lift with sheet in and go. This is a fast high aspect kite that flies forward in the wind window - with a wide turning arc and great pull through kite loops. The Alpha offers a huge wind range with excellent performance in high wind conditions. The bar feedback is direct and predictable with good bar pressure. Aimed at advanced twin tip free riding and big air boosting - the Alpha is not recommended for entry level riders, directional wave riding or foil boarding.

With the massive hang time available on the Alpha, this is our ultimate selection for massive twin tip boosting and old school favourite tricks like board offs. The Alpha can be megalooped with confidence and with its highly efficient design and smooth kite profile - the Alpha makes for a great kite for both upwind and downwind riding.

A few images of the kites on the beautiful beaches of South Africa

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